‘You gotta start somewhere’

Every teacher must have realize that it’s sometimes hard to follow your own advises. A few months back I reminded myself of an advise I gave to my students : CHOOSE YOUR HEROES.

Having been a professional ‘for hire’ musicians full time for a few years, I sensed a bit lost when for a -big- gig the time came for me to play “my own thing”. As a professional you have to answer to a lot of different situations, and it takes time to learn the songs, and most of your practice time is dedicated to the things you need to be able to do for work. And even when you love what you do, that means spending more time on musics that may not be your “favorite things”.

Following that concert, I decided to follow my own advises, and to set aside some time to focus on my own Heroes, without any thoughts whether it’s useful for my weekly gigs, wether it’s efficient to spend some time on a music that no-one asks me to play at the moment… It’s my own not-so-secret garden, and I decided to spend some time harvesting it.

This blog is just about sharing some thoughts I have about music, improvisation, practice, artists I love… and that I sometime feel alone liking…

I won’t bit your head with my own career, if you’re interested you’ll check my website and follow me on tweeter right ?

Welcome !

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