The Sweet Magnolia Tree

I hope you enjoyed last week’s post, because I have some more Doug Wamble for you.

Coming from 2003 ‘Country Libations’ album, “The Sweet Magnolia Tree” is a beautiful tune written by Doug Wamble.

Here’s a sophisticate slow blues-gospel tune. It sounds like a classic A A B A form, but there are some interesting twists and turns: the first A section is only 7 bars long, while the second is 8 bars long to transition to the B. The A section is in E major, then modulates to G#/Ab for the B section. Both sounds very classy and classic, yet fresh and interesting. The chart is available here.

The guitar solo is in two parts : the first part -over the two A sections- is un-accompanied in a very country-blues style, yet with more sophisticated harmony. Imagine Robert Johnson playing a Duke Ellington blues ? Nice.

Then on the B section, the band comes back in. And Doug Wamble switch to single line playing. His rhythmic placement is beautiful : nothing is really on the beat, he uses various feels (straight, swing) but INSIDE the beat. Very cool rhythmic feeling : impossible to write down properly on the paper. As I said in a previous post, I don’t care too much about that, and the notation is very approximative: listening to Doug recording will teach you much more than spending hours trying to figure out how to quantify stuff in Finale (or Sibelius). Listen and feel the music ! Because here the FEEL is quite amazing. There is something about the rhythmic feel of musician coming from the southern part of the United State, something that happens inside the beat, that is quite fascinating, and not easy to grasp for non-southern players.

Hope you enjoyed this couple of tunes by Doug Wamble, check out his music, you won’t regret it.

Thanx for reading, don’t hesitate to share.

Take Care.

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