Keep The Bar Open

Howdy !

Here’s some Organic Moonshine Roots Music for you this week. Courtesy of the great Buddy Miller, performing live at the Americana Awards with one of my favorite singer: Valerie June.

Charts available here.

Capture d’écran 2015-07-24 à 17.42.26

It’s a short and quite simple solo over a simple chords structure (2 chords), but I dare you to play something as classy, sounding so definitive, in such a context … as what Buddy Miller played.

Listen carefully to the recordings to get all the little notes ringing here and there, I didn’t put them all on the chart or it would have been impossible to read, use your ears a little bit.

Notice the structure of this short solo : no matter how short the solo is, you should keep in mind the classic recipe of building to a climax and bringing to an end.

Miller starts in a low register, with long notes ringing, then as he accelerate the flow he goes to a higher register to reach a climax bar  8-9, then comes back to a lower register, giving a little more space again.

Also take note that in a strip down context, Miller use lots of ringing notes, and intervals to fill up the global sound more than what single lines would do.

That all for today, check out Buddy Miller’s playing and production if you’re not yet familiar with him.

Thanx for reading, sharing, buying the charts… until next time, take care y’all !

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