Hollywood Fats // Rock This House

“Rock This House” from west-coast blues legend : Hollywood Fats

not just the intro : full opening solo, and full middle solo, transcribed note for note
notation and TABS – 4 pages, 5,50€


  1. In my opinion the chord in the end of bar 8 and in the beginning of the bar 9 is Db9-5, G is the highest note.
    BR Pentti

    1. you may be right, honestly listening to it today (over 2 years after transcribing it), I don’t really hear a note on the top ‘e’ string (it sounds like there’s a G “in the air” from he piano and context), if I wanted to ‘correct’ the charts, I would actually write down a 3note voicing instead I think 🙂
      thanx for the hard listenning,

  2. Hi,
    It shoud be very useful for me to have the chords as well. Would it be possible to buy both tab for the solo and the chords?

    1. hi Emmanuel,
      for all my transcriptions, the chord structure is written along the solo lines, and the global structure is specified when needed (A and B sections, double bar at the end of a 12 bar Blues cycle, etc …)

  3. Hello,
    I finally got the transcriptions, thank you! it helps a lot!!
    I would have one question if you could help: what could be the guitar chords during the first harmonica solo? they sound like train whisples…do you have an idea?

    1. during the opening phrase, the voicing is a G6 (can be seen as a Em triad : bar on the 12 fret : g b e), with a slide in motion and a slightly distorted (adding overtones to the chord voicing) you’ll be pretty close to the train effect you describe 🙂
      Hope it helps
      thanx for your interest and support

  4. I wonder what is the first recorded example of repeating the same note on different strings? Chuck Berry, of course, did it a lot but, Charlie Christian was doing it years before Chuck.

    1. not sure about the “first recorded” example, but acoustic players before C.C. used that ‘trick’ … very effective when going from an unwound string to a wound string.

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