Welcome to my Patreon page.

I’ve been a sideperson most of my career, and there’s me stepping out in the spolight.
      As every independant artist does, I need your support. Because you know  : Youtube doesn’t pay, Spotify (and Deezer, and…) is a … let’s  remain polite, but peanuts is an appropriate description. Labels won’t  risk a penny on newcomers. So that’s why we -indie artists- need YOU to  help us create the way we want to.
I’ll be posting regular music  videos (twice a month at max) : some videos will be live performances  (solo and in band settings), some videos will be of the studio/bedroom  mutli cam edit type, some will be short animations.
      But it’s  not just about me getting money … It’s also about you getting  exclusive content, and influencing what I do (you’ll understand, wait  for it)
The different levels of involvment are called ‘tier’ (don’t ask me why) …
The very first one, at $1, is just your way to tell me ‘keep doing what you’re doing, we’re with you’ …
With the second tier ($3), you’ll get the mp3 to listen to anywhere you want.
For  the third tier patreons, I’ll get access to ‘behind the scenes’ infos :  description of how the video was recorded, conceived, arranged, etc …  I may switch to the Vlog format at some point as I get more confortable  with being the center of attention : as a sideman I can be quiet and  mysterious, people think that’s cooler … as a frontperson in 2018-19 :  I have to tell you all about my life ain’t I ? so I’m working on that.
With  the fourth tier, I thought I’d give you the opportunity to ask me  questions directly by booking a lesson with me (via Skype). If you  choose that tier, once a new video is out, we’ll arrange a time to make  the Skype call, and we’ll agree on a subject for the lesson in link with  the last tune recorded (how to play that arrangement, what arrangement  technic I used, improvisationnal tips, sound and gear help, etc)
And  the last tier -for now- : how about YOU choose the song ? If you’re  still reading this, you may like my music and my approach. So you may be  curious about how I’d approach a song that you like. So that ‘s the  tier for you ! Ask me anything. And I’ll get to it.
      This is the start of the adventure for me, hope you’ll join me : it’ll  be a bumpy ride, because that’s the only rides worth our time.
Musicaly yours,